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Ideal biomimetic architecture

ENGIpore is an innovative porous hydroxyapatite biomaterial with a trabecular structure similar to natural bone. Different shapes have been designed to provide surgeons with a full range of products to meet their bone grafting needs.

Micro, macro and interconnected porosity

This biomaterial has a unique, controlled micro and macro porosity along with effective pore interconnectivity that supports rapid bone ingrowth and formation.

Its particular structure gives ENGIpore a porosity of almost 90%, and this guarantees an easy access to cells, biological fluids, and signalling molecules throughout the bone substitute.

Despite the highly porous structure, ENGIpore is able to resist compression forces like natural cancellous bone.

Rapid osteointegration

Once applied in situ, ENGIpore rapidly absorbs all bio-active proteins, growth factors and bone precursor cells contained in the physiological fluids. This kick starts the biological cascade leading to effective bone regeneration.

Clinical applications

ENGIpore is designed for use in a broad range of procedures, such as:

  • Traumatology
    • Proximal humerus fractureUpper and lower extremities fractures
  • Open wedge osteotomy
  • Revision arthroplasty
    • Impaction grafting of the acetabulum
    • Femoral stem revision

ENGIpore may be combined with autologous bone, blood, bone marrow or growth factors.

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