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A Winning Formula

SINTlife Paste, Putty and Granules are synthetic fully resorbable grafts made of magnesium substituted hydroxyapatite nano-crystals, a winning formula for bone regeneration.

Mimicking nature, magnesium ions are introduced into apatite crystal cells in the same position and percentage as they are in the mineral phase of human bone.

Mg-substituted apatite: just as nature made it

It has been demonstrated that the presence of Mg2+ deforms the hydroxyapatite crystal cell structure to make it unstable and biologically active, thus favouring rapid cell-mediated material resorption, bone formation and remodeling.

In addition, Mg2+ substituted apatite displays improved surface properties: the biomaterial effectively interacts with water molecules1to rapidly capture the key proteins involved in osteogenesis.

Synchronized process: material resorption and new bone formation

SINTlife is a unique material that interacts with bone-forming cells and promotes deposition of new bone tissue.

Thanks to its specific biomimetic chemical composition, nano-structure and surface properties, SINTlife is remodeled and resorbed by cellular action over a physiologically adequate time (6-18 months), allowing for sufficient biostimulative scaffold to remain for the duration of new bone growth and maturation. During the remodeling phase, osteoclastic resorption and osteoblastic osteogenic activities are observed around the remaining SINTlife particles2, up to complete bone regeneration. As a result, SINTlife leads to a physiological, rapid and effective repair.

Clinical applications

SINTlife is designed for use in a broad range of procedures, such as:

  • Traumatology
    • Upper and lower extremities
  • Bone cavity filling
    • Cysts
  • Spinal surgery
    • Cage fillings
    • Posterolateral fusions

SINTlife may be combined with autologous bone, blood, bone marrow or growth factors.

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