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Peter Brehm

MRP Titan

A modular revision prosthesis for all situations in everyday clinical practice


Proven effective in clinical practice since 1993, the MRP Titan stem has been designed to enable surgeons to find solutions to even the most challenging of anatomy and defects with different combinations being used intraoperatively providing maximum flexibility. The systems’ patented taper connection is adjustable through 360° giving the option of selecting any desired angle of anteversion, minimising the risk of dislocation and delivers long term mechanical stability.

System at a glance

  • Distal tapered stems measuring 80, 140, 200, 260 and 320mm in length and from 11 to 30mm diameter in 1mm increments
  • Distal locking anchoring system stems measuring 260 and 320mm in length and from 11 to 30mm in diameter
  • Total prosthesis lengths from 130 to 420mm in 10mm increments
  • Anchoring stems with an anterior bow starting at 250mm overall length
  • Four proximal body types
  • High offset bodies (plus 10mm)
  • The design allows for intraoperative and postoperative correction of the implant position and angle of anteversion in situ (adjustable through 360°)
  • All titanium components therefore no galvanic effect or osteolysis

MRP Titan proximal femoral replacement (PFR)

Intended for use in difficult revision and tumour surgery where there is extensive loss of bone, the MRP Titan PFR uses optimal kinematics and a modular anatomic design to reconstruct and provide functionality back to the hip joint.




Osteosarcomas and metastases MRP Titan distal stems are available in 1mm diameters from 11 to 30mm Modular anatomical design for functional reconstruction
Revision surgery with extensive bone resection Fully modular system designs, extendable in 10mm increments Allows unrestricted resection
Traumatic bone loss Common instrumentation used with MRP Titan (with the addition of one extra PFR tray) Optimal kinematics
Major loss of bone stock Optional MRP Titan PFR lateral plate for additional stability Precision implantation with MRP Titan instrumentation
Severe deformities as in osteomyelitis Allows fixation of soft tissue

MRS Comfort revision cup

Developed as a stand alone or complementary implant to the MRP Titan revison stem, MRS Titan Comfort can be adapted intraoperatively to treat defects up to a Paprosky type 3b. The modular revision cup achieves this by having a number of positioning options that allows adjustment of the inclination and anteversion. A completely cementless system that provides immediate stable fixation, even when the bone quality is compromised.



Congenital or acquired hip joint defects Completely cement free
Osteoarthritis (degenerative or rheumatic) Biological defect reconstruction
Revision of failed primary replacement Immediate stable fixation
Defect of the geometric rotation centre  Correct biomechanical position
Defects or malfunctions of the hip joint Restoration of physiological joint geometry
Post-traumatic arthritis

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