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Furlong H-A.C.

Not all H-A.C. coatings are the same.

Furlong® Total Hip Replacement

The World’s First H-A.C.

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The Furlong H-A.C prosthesis has been a world-leading replacement hip system since its inception. The prosthesis is well known for its excellent ability to gain fixation through two processes. The press fit as primary fixation and then a biological fixation through the hydroxyapatite coating. The ongoing success of the prosthesis can be seen by the 13A* ODEP (Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel) rating that accompanies the Furlong H-A.C prosthesis. The evidence really does speak for itself with results suggesting the best long-term results of cemented or uncemented femoral components used in total hip replacement.


All JRI implants have been VPS coated since 1993
VPS removes oxygen and gas pockets
VPS produces a dense  homogenous coating, avoiding cracks and preventing delamination
Supravit® coating thickness is 200μm


Design Rationale

Proximal body designed to fit the metaphsis of the femurCone shaped geometric transition between proximal body and cylindrical distal stemHydroxyapatite ceramic coating over the full length of the prosthesisUniversal stemTwo neck shaft angles and two offsets
Long transferred to and transmitted by the interface between prosthesis and cancellous bone
Rectangular cross section of proximal body provides rotational stability under dynamic loading
Prevent subsidence and creates ‘hoop stressing’ of the cortical bone providing early stable mechnical fixation
New bone grows primarily on and directly into the ceramic surface; fully coated prosthesis ensures even distribution of forces transmitted through the prosthesis to the host bone
Can be used in variable femoral anatomy, champagne flute, standard femur, sotve pipe, with equal success
133 degree and 140 degree neck angle stems in Standard and High Offset to match the widest range of patient anatomies

The deliberate accurate nature of the Furlong instrumentation and surgical technique ensures precise primary mechanical fixation. The stem shape from the cone section upwards guarantees maximum proximal loading in Gruen zones 1 & 7 and 2 & 6. This allows for confident post operative weight bearing and good early bone growth.

  • Gruen Zones 2&6
  • Cross Section Proximal of Distal Tip


Clinical Evidence – Furlong® Survivorship

  • 17 – 25 years
  • 15 -21 years
  • 13 – 15 years 
  • 19 years 

Survivorship Rate

Survivorship of 38 cases in under 50 year olds. N.N. Shah et al Jbone Joint Surg BR 2009; 91 – B:865-9

Survivorship Rate

Survivorship of 331 consecutive cases. J.A.N Shepperd et al J Bone Joint Surg Br 2008; 90-B:27-30

Survivorship Rate

Survivorship of 134 consecutive cases. A.A. Shetty et al Jbone Joint Surg BR 2005; 87-B: 1050-4 

Survivorship Rate

Survivorship in 2,578 cases. J.M. Buchanan, Sunderland Royal Hospital Data presented at BOA 2007, Manchester, 26 – 28 September 2007

These results compare favourably with the best long-term results of cemented or uncemented femoral components used in total hip replacement. – J.A.N Shepperd et al J

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