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A unique fit

Produced by Materialise, aMace implants offer a customised fit with the patient’s bone anatomy through precise processing and computer aided design technologies. The implant is designed from the patient’s CT scan to fit their anatomy and functional situation and unlike other custom acetabular solutions, the insertion of an aMace implant does not require any structural bone reaming.

Personal fixation

The aMace revision system is the first in the world to offer an acetabular solution with a guided, patient specific fixation that allows the screws to be placed in the optimal direction and into the bony regions where high quality bone stock can be found.

Individually evaluated

Materialise is the first to bring scientifically validated simulation technologies to the aMace implant design. This is particularly relevant since bone mass can vary by age and gender the functionality of the implant-bone system is preoperatively evaluated by using a personalised musculoskeletal model. Each case is subject to a finite element analysis (FEA) that incorporates muscle and joint forces, bone quality and cortex thickness.

Customised to the patient’s needs

The design of aMace, its positioning and fixation are determined in collaboration with the engineers at Materialise and the surgeon taking into account the surgical approach and additional clinical requirements. This enables aMace to offer the maximum amount of flexibility and compatibility for a standard component or bone graft insertion.

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