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Securus® Revision Hip System

Designed with financial and clinical challenges in mind

The Securus® Revision Stem System, based on the proven Furlong® fully hydroxyapatite ceramic coated (H-A.C.) stem design, with its full interchangeability between proximal bodies and distal stems, 6 trays of instrumentation, including distal targeting for locking screws, meets these challenges.

Securus System Design Rationale

Designed with the same principles as the clinically proven Furlong® H-A.C. offering primary mechanical and secondary biological fixation
Ability to mix & match all proximal body and distal stem sizes to accommodate a mismatch between metaphyseal and diaphyseal bone loss
Anatomic anteroposterior bow to bypass deficient bone
Concise, sophisticated, and simple to use

Why Choose Securus® Revision System?

The Securus® femoral revision system has been designed to help meet both the clinical and financial challenges faced by orthopaedic departments.
The range of femoral prosthesis and the instrumentation to implant these have been designed to provide a versatile, easy to use and cost-effective solution appropriate for the majority of femoral stem revisions, trauma, and complex primaries.

Key Features

  • Ability to mismatch proximal bodies and distal stems
  • Unlimited anteversion to match patient anatomy 
  • A-P anatomical bow (R = 1.2M) 
  • Distal locking 
  • Proximal wire holes 
  • Rough H-A.C. Supravit® Zoned coating on proximal body 
  • Smooth H-A.C. Supravit® coating on distal stem

Securus® Operative Technique Video

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