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Furlong® Evolution Hip System

The Natural Selection | 5A* ODEP Rating

Building on the strengths of the proven Furlong® H-A.C. femoral stem with adaptations to optimise ease of use without compromising the ability to achieve secure immediate and long term fixation and excellent clinical outcomes.

Furlong® Evolution Hip System


Key Advantages

The Furlong® Evolution was designed on the strengths of the Furlong® H-A.C. but has been adapted to optimise ease of use without compromising on the ability to achieve primary mechanical fixation and long term secondary biological fixation through osseointegration.

The Furlong® has evolved to even more closely match the needs of:
  • Patient
  • Surgeon
  • Theatre staff
  • Theatre management
  • Procurement
  • Sterile services

Furlong Evolution® Design Criteria

The Furlong® H-A.C. by preserving the principles set out by Mr. Furlong to achieve absolute mechanical stability, rotational stability under dynamic load, and long-term physiological fixation.
To achieve accurate implantation, predictable and reproducible positioning and stability.
Simple, concise, easy to use

Rotational stability under dynamic load

Proximal body of the Furlong Evolution® is designed to fit the metaphysis of the femur;
  • Rectangular cross section of the proximal body provides rotational stability under dynamic loading
  • Load transferred and transmitted by the interface between the prosthesis and cancellous bone

Absolute mechanical stability

Cone shaped geometric transition between proximal body and cylindrical distal stem;
  • Prevents subsidence
  • Stress transfer creates ‘hoop stressing’ of the cortical bone providing early stable mechanical fixation

Long term physiological fixation

  • 35+ years experience of developing H-A.C. technology
  • JRI unique coating has high crystallinity – resorbs slower
  • Vacuum plasma spray (VPS) technology – resists thermal cracking and gas pores to prevent delamination compared to atmospheric plasma spray (APS) adopted by many companies
  • Patented Supravit® Zoned coating (175mm) is applied to Furlong Evolution® – Designed to increase H-A.C surface area, coefficient of friction, and sheer strength to promote biological fixation

Furlong® Evolution Video

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