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Flexible bone substitute

Engineered for orthopaedic surgery

  • Chemical and structural biomimetism
  • Cell-mediated resorption leading to 3D bone regeneration Optimal handling
  • Flexible and formable to the contour of the defect

Biomimetic nano-structure: as modelled in nature

  • RegenOss patch
  • Mg-substituted apatite nanoparticles nucleated into a collagene fibre (TEM micrograph)
  • Collagene-apatite composite microstructure of RegenOss resembling human bone structure (SEM image)
  • Mg-apatite nano-crystals into collagene fibrils (TEM micrograph)

    Bioceramic - collagen: synergetic power

    RegenOss represents an innovative concept in bone grafting. It is a collagen-hydroxyapatite composite biomaterial designed and engineered at macro-, micro-, and nano-scale to promote bone regeneration.

    RegenOss is a fully biomimetic scaffold, its unique structure and chemical composition confer characteristics replicating that of human bone.

    By using nature as a model, the patented nucleation of magnesium-enriched hydroxyapatite nano-crystals into type I collagen fibers resembles the process occurring during biological neo-ossification.

    Replaced by new bone

    RegenOss is highly hydrophilic; it can quickly absorb the biological fluids, molecules and cells promoting bone formation. Its architecture favors cells attachment and proliferation. While serving as a scaffold to guide effective bone regeneration, RegenOss is resorbed by enzymes and cellular action over a period of 6-12 months.

    RegenOss strip is flexible once wet

    RegenOss replaced by trabecular bone at 6 months post-op in sheep tibia model (Toluidine blue/Fast Green staining)


    Trabecular bone formation at 6 months post-op in sheep tibia model (Polarized light microscopy)

    Strongly positive collagen type I immunostaining at 6 months post-op, evidencing newly-formed bone development

    Clinical Applications

    RegenOss is not intended to modify or replace standard procedures for the treatment of bone defects, but for filling bony voids or gaps of the skeletal system, that are not intrinsic to the stability of the bony structure. RegenOss must be used with appropriate stabilising hardware. 


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