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Furlong® Hemiarthroplasty Head Range

Designed Specifically for Hemiarthroplasty

Our Furlong® Hemiarthroplasty Head Range include:
  • Physiological Head
  • Bipolar Head
  • Modular Bipolar Head

Modular Bipolar Heads


Key Features

• Designed to articulate directly with the native acetabulum to allow for improved proprioception.

• Reduction of surgical trauma to the acetabulum may improve patient rehabilitation time.

• Simple and concise operative technique

Bipolar Head


Key Features

The JRI Bipolar Head is available pre-assembled or modular in sizes 40mm-54mm (1mm increments), 56mm, 58mm, and *60mm (*Modular Bipolar only). It has been designed specifically to minimize the risk of the prosthesis assuming a varus position. 

Physiological Head


Key Features

The JRI Physiological Head is manufactured from HNSS and available in sizes 39mm-54mm (1mm increments), 56mm and 58mm. HNSS increases biocompatibility and provides greater fatigue strength and corrosion resistance over conventional medical grade stainless steel.

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