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Yorkshire Innovation Awarded Research Grant

31st May 2013 | JRI News

JRI Orthopaedics Ltd, in collaboration with Surgical Innovations Ltd, has been awarded a £390,000 research grant, towards a £650,000 project, to help investigate how early stage osteoarthritis of the hip can be treated using minimally invasive surgery.

Arthroscopy has previously been used successfully in the knee, but the complex anatomy of the hip has proven more difficult. The project aims to overcome current limitations with access to hip lesions that are currently beyond reach.

The grant is part of a £93 million package of government support which aims to boost the UK’s life sciences sector and place it at the forefront of innovation. Co-funded by the Technology Strategy Board and the Medical Research Council, the Biomedical Catalyst aims to promote positive impact for healthcare and the economy. This grant was awarded during the third round of funding, now on the fifth, proving the popularity of these grants.

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