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Discussing Tribofit, the first true hip replacement

2nd March 2017 | JRI News

JRI Orthopaedics has just hosted 40 visiting surgeons from Spain, Italy & the UK for an engaging meeting to discuss the Tribofit PCU acetabular implant, the encouraging data surrounding it and experiences of current implanting surgeons.

The meeting was a success and sparked very interesting discussion regarding Tribofit being a genuine alternative to a Polyethylene or ceramic liner.

The Tribofit acetabular buffer mimics the natural function of the hip, restores normal stress-distribution and acts as a shock absorption thanks to:

  • the hydrophilic buffer which results in lubrication
  • a modulus of elasticity similar to acetabular cartilage
  • a thickness similar to that of healthy acetabular cartilage

Tribofit Implants and patient studies are growing, is this the next big thing in hip replacement surgery?

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