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Total Hip Replacement with hydroxyapatite coating : 5 – 8 year result

Valera I Pertegas M; Sancho Navaarro, R; Crusi I Sererols, X

Category: Furlong Clinical Results

Hospital de la Santa Creu I Sant Pau, Barcelona

The objective of this work is to evaluate the clinical and radiological results of the total hip replacement (THR) with hydroxyapatite coating (Furlong) from JRI after a five year clinical follow up.

Material and Methods
This is a prospective study of 98 consecutive THRs in 59 patients. The average follow up is 6.8 years (range 5-8 years). Three patients died from causes not related to the prosthesis and five patients were lost to follow up. The remaining hips were evaluated annually. In the radiological evaluation, special attention was paid to the biological response to the implant and technical defects in the implantation technique.

The modified Harris Hip score rose from an average of 32 points pre-operatively to 83 points average at the last control. At the end of the study, 2 acetabular components (2%) were awaiting revision for loosening. The remainder were considered radiologically stable. None of the femoral components showed any lucent lines. A medullary reaction in the form of a pedestal at the tip of the stem, considered as a sign of distal fixation, was detected in 25 cases (24.5%), 19 cases (18.6%) showed a varus femoral component and 9 cases (8.8%) showed an acetabular component that was considered high. None of these technical deficiencies showed a radiological progression nor any statistical correlation with the final clinical measurements (p=0.8 and p=0.3 respectively).

1. The hydroxyapatite coated THR Furlong (JRI) gives a satisfactory bony fixation with excellent clinical and radiological results (2% failure of the cup, 0% failure of the stem);
2. Technical defects during implantation did not have any negative effect on the final results;
3. It is necessary to have a longer follow up to confirm these promising medium term results.
Translation of Article
Brian P. Jones
26th October 2001

Results presented at the Spanish National Orthopaedic Meeting (SECOT), Bilboa, 10 – 13 October 2001