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Total hip replacement with H-A.C. Furlong prosthesis (Five years experience)

G Kapetanos

Category: Furlong Clinical Results

We describe the clinical and radiological outcome of 100 consecutive JRI Furlong hydroxyapatite coated cementless hip replacements. The age of patients ranged from 22 to 77 years (mean 63 years). The mean follow- up is 3 years (1 to 5). All the operations were performed from the same surgeon with the same technique. The patients were examined every six months post-op. We assessed the Merle d’ Aubigné score was 3.4/1.1/1.8 and the post op 5.3/5.6/4.7. radiographs showed no radiolucence line around the components and radiological ingrowth was almost always observed. We did not notice any serious complications. Our findings suggest that HA – coated give a satisfactory prosthesis – bone interface which is preferable to other systems.

From the Journal of the Hellenic Assocaition of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology, Vol 51, No 4, Athens 2000