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A nineteen-year review of hydroxyapatite ceramic coated hip implants : a clinical and histological evaluation

JM Buchanan

Category: Furlong Clinical Results

Data from Sunderland Royal Hospital


Fully-coated HAC hip prostheses have been used since May 1998. Harris Hip Score (HHS) and X-Rays are used for assessment. Post mortem specimens have been sectioned and confirm bony integration to the H-A.C. There are 2216 primary operations in 1806 patients (4432 components). Bony integration to the hydroxyapatite coating (HA) secures the implants. Younger patients receive ceramic/ceramic bearings (522 hips). Ten-year follow-up is recorded in 477 hips (maximum 19 years). HHS demonstrates only 13% scoring less than 90, including non-hip problems. There are twelve components with aseptic loosening (0.27%) and only one case of debris disease.

Data presented at BOA 2007, Manchester, 26 – 28 September 2007.