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JRI Furlong un-cemented hip: outcomes in patients <55 years

Angus Robertson, S. Morgan, D. Lavalelte, P. Angus

Category: Furlong Clinical Results

Dewsbury Health Care Trust, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Aims: To assess the results of hip arthroplasty performed in patients under the age of 55 using an hydroxyapatite coated (HAC) femoral component with a modular ceramic head and threaded HAC cup (JRI – Furlong) with minimum 5 year follow up.

Methods: Sixty-seven consecutive primary hip replacements (54 patients) performed from 1988-1997 were recalled for clinical and radiographic review. Deaths, complications, revisions and losses to follow up were noted. Radiographs were assessed for evidence of loosening and heterotopic ossification and function was recorded using the Harris (HHS) and Merle d’Aubigné (MdA) hip scores and an analogue pain score (0 – 100mm).

Results: 61 (91 %) hips were available for review at a median of 8.8 (5.0 – 13.8) years post implantation. Full clinical and radiographic review was performed on 53 (79%) hips, 8 (12%) were contacted to ascertain whether revision had occurred and 6 (9%) were lost to follow up (3 deaths, 3 untraceable). At the time of review there had been 3 (4.9%) revisions (3 Femoral, 1 Acetabulum). In the remaining hips radiographic review demonstrated no evidence of femoral or acetabular loosening. Minor complications were noted in 12 (18%) patients. Median functional scores were HHS 95.9 (42.7-100.0), MdA 17 (3-18) and analogue pain 6 (0 – 90).

Conclusions: The JRI Furlong hip gives good functional and radiographic results in young patients in the medium term

Poster presented at EFORT 2003, Helsinki, Finland, June 4 – 10 2003.