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The JRI bipolar hemiarthroplasty for the active patient with a displaced intracapsular proximal femoral fracture

R Rees, S Sobratree, K O’Dwyer (Worcester)

Category: Furlong Clinical Results

We evaluated the results of this prosthesis in a series of 88 patients. The patients were reviewed clinically using a clinical evaluation system, the Harris Hip score and radiographic analysis.

25 patients had died and 12 were lost to follow up. Average length of follow up 2.1 years. The mean Clinical Rating Score was 70 (Harris Hip Score 80.6). 86% had no pain and 90% were satisfied. Two prostheses were revised. The prosthesis behaved as a bipolar in 45%. This prosthesis functions well in the active elderly patient with a displaced intracapsular fracture.

Presented at BOA 2001