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Hydroxyapatite ceramic-coated femoral stems in young patients: A prospective ten-year study

S. Singh, S. P . Trikha, A.J. Edge

Category: Furlong Clinical Results

Worthing & Southlands NHS Trust, Worthing, England

We describe the clinical and radiological results of 38 total hip replacements (THR) using the JRI Furlong hydroxyapatite-ceramic (H-A.C.)-coated femoral component in patients younger than 50 years. The mena age at the time of operation was 42 years (22 to 49) and the mean length of follow-up was ten years (63 to 170 months). All patients receiving a Furlong H-A.C. THR were entered into the study regardless of the primary pathology including patients who had undergone previous hip surgery.

The mean Harris hip score improved from 44 before operation to 92 at the last post-operative review. After 12 years the cumulative survival for the stem as 100% (95% confidence interval at 89 to 100). No femoral component was revised. Our results show that the Furlong H-A.C. implant gives excellent long-term results in young patients with high demands.

J Bone Joint Surg (Br) 2004;86-B:1118-23