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The Furlong total hip arthroplasty – a 5-15 year follow-up study

A Cossey, S A Edwards, H J Clarke and M Grover (Portsmouth)

Category: Furlong Clinical Results

A retrospective study was made of 203 Furlong total hip prostheses implanted in one hundred and fifty two patients between 1983 and 1993 in a single Orthopaedic unit. All patients were clinically and radiologically assessed in the research clinic.

The mean age at surgery was 67.9. The average duration in situ was 9.19 years (range 5-16 years). The average Merle d’Aubigné-Postel, Harris hip, and Patients satisfaction scores were 5.25, 88.78 (range 52-98), and 4.3 respectively.

Eleven of the two hundred and three prosthesis failed, at a mean of 4.6 years. Reasons for failure included aseptic loosening in eight cases (3.9%), recurrent dislocations in two and one periprosthetic fracture. In fourteen prosthesis with progressive radiological lucencies eight developed clinical symptoms warranting revision surgery.

Presented at BOA 2001