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The Furlong Stainless Steel Cemented Total Hip Replacement: Satisfactory results of a low-cost prosthesis

M.A. Hafez, A.P. Wright, J. Smith, P. Venugopal, P.D. Angus

Category: Furlong Clinical Results

Dewsbury Health Care Trust, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Introduction: There are more than 60 different hip prostheses currently available for total hip replacement (THR). Cemented prostheses make up about 90 to 95% of current total UK market. The cost of THR prosthesis varies widely with some prostheses cost 5 times more than others. Furlong Stainless steel cemented is a low-cost prosthesis that has been used in few hospitals in UK and Europe. There is no published data to report its survival and performance.

Aim: To evaluate the outcome of a low-cost THR prosthesis (Furlong stainless steel) that has been in use in our hospital since 1993.

Patients and Methods: we retrospectively reviewed 142 THR performed between 1993 and 2001. The average age was 72 and osteoarthritis was the primary pathology in 92%. Operations were performed by different grades of surgeons. 25 patients were dead at the time of the study.

Results: 4 cases underwent revision (2.8%) with survival rate of 97.2%.6 cases of dislocation, 17 cases of heterotopic calcifications, 5 cases of DVT and one neurological injury. 88% reported no pain and 79.6% were satisfied.

Conclusions: The results of this study compare favourably with Furlong Titanium cemented prosthesis and other popular THR prostheses (e.g. Charnley). It is rational to continue using this prosthesis, which appears to be cost effective

Paper presented at EFORT 2003, Helsinki, Finland, June 4 – 10 2003.