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Revision of cemented hip arthroplasty using HA-coated endoprosthesis : a seven to fifteen year follow-up (2004)

R Raman, RP Kamath, PD Angus

Category: Furlong Clinical Results


We report the clinical/radiological outcome of revision of cemented hip arthroplasties using HAC coated femoral and acetabular components. 66 revision hip arthroplasties were performed JRI Furlong HAC coated femoral and acetabular components. Mean follow up was 10 yrs. Mean Harris and Oxford scores were 82 and 48.4. Mean linear polyethylene wear was 0.05mm per year. The mean subsidence was 1.6mm. 3 hips were re- revised. EQ5D description and health scores were 0.69 and 79 (p > 0.05).

Overall survival at 12 years with removal or repeat revision of either component for any reason as the end point was 93% [95% CI2.3]
Paper presented at BOA 2004, Manchester, England, September 18th 2004