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Furlong H-A.C.

Furlong H-A.C. Primary Stem

“Not All H-A.C Coatings Are The Same”

The Furlong total hip replacement was the first in the world to utilise Hydroxyapatite Ceramic (H-A.C.) coating to promote biological fixation. Since its introduction in 1985 over 41,373 of the implants have been used by over 1000 surgeons. JRI have continued to develop and improve the H-A.C. coating and the way in which it is applied.

One of the most important factors is whether the H-A.C. coating is applied in atmospheric (APS) or vacuum conditions (VPS). When the coating is applied in VPS conditions it removes gas pockets whilst producing a dense homogenous coating, avoiding cracks and preventing delamination. Since 1993 all JRI implants have been VPS coated.

Supravit is JRI’s VPS H-A.C. coating. Supravit coating thickness is 200μm with a bonding strength in excess of 60MPa.

Design Rationale

CSF plus

Based on the clinically proven design of the Furlong H-A.C.CSF Acetabular Cup the CSF plus system offers all the same benefits but with some key improvements.

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