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Custom Products

Unique Customised Prosthesis

The Unique total hip replacement

Up to 97% of all patients who require a total hip replacements can be treated with the majority of ‘off the shelf’ solutions, like the ones we offer in our hip product portfolio. The remaining 3% require something Unique.

The advantage of using a customised femoral component in complex primary cases is that it enables the surgeon to precisely match the implant to the patient providing a greater opportunity to normalise the hip biomechanics than when trying to match the patient to an implant from a standard range.

Surgical benefits

  • The custom designed femoral component enables the optimum fit of the implant to the host bone, ensuring superior mechanical stability
  • Optimisation of the femoral neck geometry increases the opportunity to achieve soft tissue balance and normalisation of centre of rotation of the hip joint
  • Accurate pre-operative planning helps ensure a predictable outcome in challenging cases and reduces operating procedure time thereby reducing cost and risk of infection
  • uniqueNET web based templating and design system allows for interaction between the clinician and the design engineer speeds up the planning process and helps ensure the implant design specification exactly matches the patients needs
  • Excellent customer support and experienced design professionals ensure a smooth and logical process

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