About Us

JRI Orthopaedics was formed by Mr Furlong in 1970 to introduce the Müller cemented hip to the UK marker and in 1977, manufacturing of hip implants and instrumentation was established in Sheffield. It became clear to Mr Furlong that in order to achieve long term fixation there was a need for initial mechanical fixation of the implant to avoid short term loosing, followed by secondary biological fixation between the implant and bone (something that could not be achieved by using cement).

To develop a solution to this problem Mr Furlong collaborated with Professor Osborne, a maxillo facial surgeon who had identified the benefits of using hydroxyapatite ceramic coating on dental implants in achieving long term fixation. The combination of Mr Furlong’s unique hip stem design with a hydroxyapatite ceramic (H-A.C) coating by JRI led to the launch of the Furlong H-A.C coated hip stem in 1985. At that time it was the first hydroxyapatite ceramic coated hip implant in the world and a significant innovation in joint replacement. Since its first implantation on the 5th September 1985 over 250,000 patients have benefited from this technology giving them the real prospect of a hip for life and to this day, the Furlong H-A.C coated stem has possibly the lowest revision rate at 10 years recorded on the National Joint Registry (NJR).

Today JRI is more than just a hip company. We develop and distribute products for shoulder and knee arthoplasty, offer custom prosthesis and a range of orthobiologics. For more information please visit the relevant product pages or contact us.

What makes us different from the global corporations which operate in the orthopaedic implant market is that we are wholly owned by Orthopeadic Research UK (ORUK), a charitable organisation who are one of the most significant funders of orthopeadic research in the UK. Over the last 10 years we have gift aid donated £12 million to ORUK which means that JRI invests more in orthopaedic research, as a percentage of its turnover than any other orthopaedic implant manufacturer.

By choosing JRI products you are helping support the research carried out by ORUK to achieve their vision of eliminating bone and joint disease and helping us to fulfill our purpose of giving patients a better quality of life for longer by providing the best solutions for joint regeneration, repair and reconstruction. Thank you.